Born in Japan to English parents, formerly in Dubai and currently in Chile.

Sound like any teenagers you know?

YouthCompass seeks to address the unique needs of mobile teens by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life. Through regular events, service projects and open dialog on faith and belief, we give students the opportunity to belong and to grow: a fun community to be who they are and the chance to determine who they want to be.

We started out on an adventure to meet the needs of mobile international youth around the world back in 2001. At the time, just a small group of people based in London, our work grew as each of us moved to various places and came alongside more international students. Our commitment is to providing global youth with a place to belong, ask questions about faith & purpose, as well as learn to serve our world in an intentional way.

Our Story

YouthCompass seeks to address the unique needs of mobilePC Day 7 2016 (103 of 267) international high school and middle school students by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life.

 YouthCompass was founded in London in 2001 by expatriates from business, government and non-profit sectors spanning multiple continents who recognized the unique needs of Third Culture Kids and wanted to help meet that need. There are currently about 650 English-speaking international schools and we intend to connect with the students in each of them.

Our leaders walk with students, entering their world and loving them unconditionally – modeling respect, trust and friendship. These values reflect our commitment to Jesus Christ. We are able to be a true friend in the midst of cultural transition, coming alongside those that are often challenged with the difficult questions of adolescence in a cross-cultural and mobile environment.

YouthCompass encourages discussions regarding faith and its role in life. We are dedicated to exploring these subjects in a spirit of open dialog with students, caring for students regardless of their religious background or experience.

Through regular events and service projects, we give students the opportunity to celebrate life together in a fun, safe and supervised environment: we offer them a place to belong.

In order to navigate life with international teens in a particular city, a local board, staff and volunteers work together. What started in London, grew in Europe, expanded to Asia and is now also in South America.

Our Vision

We seek to meet the needs of international youth around the world. We believe, because of our Christian faith, that this means being a blessing in the international community, to every person we encounter, no matter their faith background. Our vision is to be the foremost organization in serving internationals around the world.