YouthCompass strongly believes that we can accomplish so much more if we partner with others. With a vision as ambitious as ours, there is no way we can do it on our own! Thank you for working with us.


Every volunteer, board member and financial supporter is an integral part of our team.

“It’s about building relationships. Work is just the medium we use: anyone can go and be of service. Anyone can be an adult volunteer. You just have to try.” – Craig, veteran Project Compassion Volunteer

Ruth Van Reken – an author and speaker on Third Culture Kids who has participated in training our staff, speaking to our communities, and advised our organization in various capacities.

Duffy Robbins – a member of Youth Department faculty at Eastern University, who has helped equip our staff to better support the teens in our communities.

Jaro Savol – is extremely talented and a fantastic person to work with. He has produced the majority of our Project Compassion videos as well as other material.

Isaac Improv – Ryan and Tim are comedians who have given their time to make people laugh and help increase awareness of YouthCompass and our mission through comedy events.

Photographers – We are very grateful to those photographers that have provided images for our website and other materials over the years. Special thanks to Justin Tillery, Caitlin Morse, Clemens Jahn, Stephanie Rose, Thomas Speckhardt and others who provided the images for this website.

“Some things that I really like about YouthCompass are as follows: CLUB – being able to relax and spending time with special people who make me feel special and loved. NORTH – having discussions about spiritual things and listening to others share their thoughts about their spiritual journeys in searching for truth. Service Projects – having opportunities to serve other people, many who are less fortunate than myself. Serving others with my friends brings a certain amount of satisfaction that nothing else can give me – it’s fun to serve!!” – Katharina, 17 yrs. old


Interaction International – founded by Dave Pollock, serves the needs of international families through a variety of resources, including training and placing international school teachers and support staff.

K-Life – K-Life is a US youth organization focused on mentoring and coaching today’s teenagers. Due to their similar community structure and approach to relational mentoring, K-Life partners with YouthCompass to recruit qualified staff for our communities overseas.

Networks Romania – A non-profit organization collaborating with local communities to help them meet their physical and spiritual needs. YouthCompass has partnered with Networks over the last few years to provide service opportunities on Project Compassion.

Youth for Christ – works in communities around the world and partners with YouthCompass to meet staffing needs and launch joint initiatives in communities.

“Thank you for the wonderful time spent with us. It has been a great experience for us all, and we appreciate the great devotion that everyone put into their work, thanks to your great effort, 11 families are one step closer to having a place to call home.” -Cristian Alecse, Habitat for Humanity