Hello World!

Where are you from? A question I have a love/hate relationship with. Why? Because where I am from is more than just a small-talk question; it is my life story.

Where I am from is difficult for me to answer because I am a Third Culture Kid (TCK). To be easily defined, TCKs like myself are “children who spend a significant period of their developmental years in a culture outside their parents’ passport culture.” Though that definition looks simple, what makes one a TCK is anything but. Even more overwhelming is how growing up TCK effects TCKs.

In this blog, I will be discussing the world of TCKs. I will refer to TCK experts and publications in the media. And the best place to start is David Pollack’s book Third Culture Kid; he created the term and led the charge in identifying TCKs and how they fit in the world – or don’t. In addition to reputable publications, I will be writing about my personal experiences as a Third Culture Kid.

I am a young professional living on the East Coast of the United States. My family is scattered around the world; my parents are in Eastern Europe, my siblings are on the West Coast and in Europe, and my friends are, as I like to think of it, in every country across the world. I have grown up my whole life as a TCK. I have always known I am different than my American counterparts. Having gone through childhood, adolescence, and now figuring out what it means to be an adult in the world as a TCK I hope to share my experiences and the experiences of other TCKs to create a better understanding of what a TCK is and what a life as a TCK looks like.