Here are some pages we’ve found useful that you might like as well. Feel free to share with us some of your favorites as well!

TCKID This is an online community where you can learn more about Third Culture Kids and connect with others around the world

FIGT Families in Global Transition is most well-known for their annual conference that brings together experts on expats from around the world in the areas of corporate, government, military, and missions. YouthCompass has participated in this conference a few times and it has been worth every moment. They also have a research network for those interested in taking a more academic approach.

Chris O’Shaughnessy An adult Third Culture Kid and extremely talented international speaker, Chris provides insight, humor and infectious passion when discussing lessons learned from teens who’ve grown up internationally and other TCK-related topics. He has been the YouthCompass speaker at Project Compassion and also speaks at camps, colleges, service projects, schools, churches, banquets and other events.

International Therapists Directory This directory is specifically focused on therapists that have self-identified as professionals experienced in working with TCKs and expat families. These therapists are located around the world and the aim of this directory is to make it easier for international families to find them. Neither YouthCompass nor those who maintain the directory are offering any specific referrals. However, it is a great place to start when looking for a therapist that will be able to work well with a family that has lived overseas.

Expat Expert This blog is written by an author famous among expats: Robin Pascoe. It is a great resource from someone who writes out of her own experience. It is a good combination of helpful advice and amusing stories on what it is like taking your family overseas. Her “Reading Room” is also very helpful and if you are looking for a good book, she’s got quite a few to choose from.

Among Worlds Blog The Among Worlds Magazine is a quarterly magazine that goes directly to the heart issues that many adult Third Culture Kids (ATCKs) face:  relationships, grief, transitions, home, values and many more. Among Worlds will also help current parents, educators and others better understand the needs and experiences of the TCKs whose lives they are shaping today. This blog is produced by the Among Worlds Editor, Margie, and is a great place to find resources and information.