Our Work

Our work is to focus on building intentional communities who will develop young internationals throughout the world. We do that in a lot of different ways depending upon the city and regions we work in, but no matter the method, we focus on the following.

Intentional Community

YouthCompass realizes the unique challenges that international students face in living globally mobile lives. To meet the challenges that these students are facing, we provide caring adult role models to help students navigate life. By building relationships with students and providing a variety of engaging programs, we want to help international young people understand themselves, understand others, and understand their own spiritual journey as they ask life’s “big questions.”

Club is a weekly event where we have fun, play crazy games or do silly skits and get to know each other. It is also a place where we can have open and engaging dialog, no matter what your background. What does it mean to be an international teen in Frankfurt, Germany? Where does a TCK belong? Who am I and who do I want to be?

Trips & Events for Students

YouthCompass Events are an opportunity to build community and provide the space for international teens to navigate life together. From humanitarian service projects that serve those less fortunate, to cross-national gatherings developing leadership skills, these events are places for international teens to belong.

Training for Parents and Educators

YouthCompass seeks to not only engage and support international families in the cities where we have established YC communities, but also to be a resource and catalyst for international families around the world including resources and training opportunities.