Transition Together

International assignments affect the entire family. Concerns about the family’s ability to adjust to a new location continue to be a major factor for expat employees and employers. Effective, problem-solving solutions that go beyond logistics are needed in order for a family to transition successfully. Relocating and intercultural living requires challenging discussions on identity, communication, parenting, and adjustment to a new work environment.

Transition brings so many questions and so many unknowns. By participating in a Transition Together seminar, you are helping prepare your family, school or organization for success in the process.

Seminar Packages

Third Culture Kids includes 3 seminars: Entry, Leaving and Re-entry, and The TCK Profile

Transitions Training includes 2 seminars: Systems Identity, Parenting, or Cultural Identity and Entry or Leaving and Re-entry

Adventure Learning combines team building activities with small and large group talks designed by professionals who have worked with TCK youth for over 10 years, some of whom are adult TCKs themselves.

Custom Transition Seminars

These sessions can be combined to form a 1, 2 or 3 day seminar

  • Entry Covers transitioning into a new community and includes a look at the stages of culture shock, entering well, dealing with loss, and creating a sense of “home”
  • Leaving and Reentry Prepares participants for the process of leaving and some common reactions to returning to the passport country
  • Third Culture Kids A review of the profile of TCKs, illustrating both the benefits and challenges of a highly mobile childhood
  • Transitioning to University Addresses the specific concerns for TCKs attending university in either a home or another host country. This is typically a whole day seminar.
  • Parenting TCKs Focuses on the specific concerns of parents, this workshop highlights the reasons as well as practical tips for parents
  • Systems Identity Sponsoring organizations impact the whole family – this session helps identify and address areas of potential concern
  • Visible and Invisible Cultural Identity Addressing the Cultural Iceberg: According to Dr. Gary Weaver, cultural diversity has traditionally been defined in visual terms. We explore together how the loss of visual differentiation impacts the conversation on deeply held beliefs and values in an international community.
  • Unplugged and Face to Face Disengaging a teen from their technology can be a challenge. This curriculum has been designed specifically to reengage youth in face to face relationships.
  •  Life in Motion: Historical TCKs Using historical mentoring and case studies, this workshop looks at three specific aspects of the TCK profile in real lives.
  • Tailored Sessions Our speakers have experience in international communities around the world and across many kinds of sponsoring organizations. We can tailor sessions to the meet the needs of your organization.
  • Online Training

Webinars, Coaching and E-Classes are available. Please contact us for more information