Born in Japan to English parents, formerly in Dubai and currently in Chile.

Sound like any teenagers you know?

YouthCompass seeks to address the unique needs of mobile teens by providing caring adult role models who assist them in navigating life. Through regular events, service projects and open dialog on faith and belief, we give students the opportunity to belong and to grow: a fun community to be who they are and the chance to determine who they want to be.

Expat Communication with Friends and Family…

Expat Communication with Friends and Family… What We Really Mean by ‘Fine’. By Rachel Yates Conversations about resilience and coping strategies at FIGT (Families in Global Transition 2012  prompted a great deal of thought about the role of the people who we leave behind when expats relocate. In my ’7 Habits of Successful […]

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Upcoming Events

Project Compassion

Students bring a smile to Croatia

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Teen Transition – Learning from Research

“I would say to my parents, thank you for dragging me along, even though I hated moving at first. But I know from experience that it’s only the first month or two that’s really difficult and once I get used to the place, it really becomes my home.” According to a recent YouthCompass survey, most […]

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